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Song Remains the Same, The (1976)  link to Song Remains the Same, The on IMDb

Nummer: 165

cover Song Remains the Same, The

IMDb-Bewertung: star star star star star star star star star star 7.4/10 (5020 Stimmen)

Alternativ-Titel:: The Song Remains the Same

Land: UK, 137 Minuten

Sprachen: Englisch

Genre: Musik, Dokumentation

Regisseur: Peter Clifton

Darsteller: Jimmy Page (als Himself - Guitarist), Robert Plant (als Himself - Lead Singer), Led Zeppelin, John Bonham (als Himself - Drummer), John Paul Jones (als Himself - Bassist & Keyboardist)

Medium: BluRay Disc

Zusammenfassung: The members of Led Zeppelin are called back from vacation by manager Peter Grant to play Madison Square Garden. The film is enhanced by each of the band member's personal fantasies (hallucinations?), such as the opening scene (which is awfully confusing the first time around) in which Peter Grant, dressed in a 1930s black gangster suit drives a 1930s black Ford to a house and blasts everyone with a machine gun.

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